San Miguel Global Power is firm in its commitment to ensure the energy security of the present and future generations. We strive to embed Malasakit in all our business practices as our way of ensuring our Company’s sustainability. Our sustainability approach follows a synergistic framework that is aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Sustainability in Our Operations

We aspire to integrate sustainability in every aspect of our business to continue creating shared value with our stakeholders, our communities, customers, employees, and investors.

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Sustainability Reports

The Sustainability Reporting of San Miguel Global Power is among the first within the business units of San Miguel Corporation, making our Company one of the pioneers of sustainability within our corporate group. Our Reports narrate the story of our sustainability performance and provide our readers an outlook of the future of sustainable energy in the Philippines.

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CSR Programs

Our host communities are our partners in delivering our mission and goal of powering the nation. We strive to strengthen this partnership through our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Programs as part of our commitment to contributing to the sustainable development of our host communities. Our San Miguel Global Power Foundation leads our social development programs that aim to create a positive and sustainable impact on our communities.

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Weekly Environment Watch

We stick to our commitment of minimizing our impact to the environment by keeping our plant emissions way below local and international limits. We closely monitor this through a regular report from one of our power plants.

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